The Action Pack

Spreadsheet Power User
This is a course in advanced spreadsheet skills. It takes participants beyond the basics of data entry and simple formula formulation to using data analysis tools (pivot tables, data tables, scenarios, solver etc,), building financial models and automation to enhance planning and decision-making.

Professional Document Generation
This is a course in advanced Wordprocessing which aims at equipping participant to fully harness and utilize the wide and versatile range of feature of MS Word to facilitate the quick, efficient and professional generation of documents in a variety of formats. The course will cover advanced mailmerging and formatting, versions, linking documents, integration with other office software, speech function etc.

Electronic Records Management
This course provides participants with the know-how to structure databases, organize and maintain records in the database, query and generate relevant reports from databases.

Desktop Publishing
This is a course, which exposes participants to the techniques involved in combining text and graphics to design document layouts for publications.

Time Management
Participants will be introduced to software that will enable them to plan and schedule appointments, meetings, tasks & activities and also to effectively carry out contact management.

Project Management
Persons responsible for managing projects of all sorts will find this a useful course, as it will enable them effectively allocate, monitor and manage project resources.

Website Design
Participants will be introduced to software that will enable them to plan and design webpages/sites.

Computer Aided Design (Autocad)

The Starter Park

Introduction to Computers
This module focuses on exposing the participants to the elements of a microcomputer system and giving them a clear understanding of their basic functions and how to manage them effectively.

This module aims at enabling a participant to work comfortably in the Windows environment. It equips them to perform such tasks as starting applications, creating and organising folders and files and carrying out disk operations.

Internet Skills
This module is designed to introduce participants to the Internet. It will familiarize them with the skills that will enable them to set up and manage Email accounts, browse and search effectively for relevant information.

Participants of this course will be equipped with the skills that will enable them to produce various types of documents such as reports, memos, tables, forms, newsletters and programmes, quickly and efficiently.

This is a course equips participants to use electronic worksheets as a productive tool for data/numerical analysis, graph plotting, production of financial documents, presentation of tabular documents, etc.

An ideal course for participants’ whose activities involve delivering presentations or running training programmes etc. Participants will be taught how to develop professional presentations, automate them and design accompanying handouts and note pages for such presentations.